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Graycon I.T. Gives the Gift of Life

by Colin Brandt

May 4, 2017

Karma is a key part of Graycon’s culture, where Grayconians are empowered to give back to the community both individually and as a whole. While Karma can mean different things to different people, it fundamentally comes down to the idea that if you do good things, good things happen.

DSC_0326.jpgGrayconians Debora Trindade and Bonnie Lees await their turn to donate.

Often, Karma at Graycon comes down to the individual who inspires the team to do good. Amanda Fink, Graycon’s Manager, Marketing has been the organizer and inspiration for the Calgary office's relationship with Canadian Blood Services. For four years, Fink has worked to establish Graycon as a Partner for Life, assembling an annual commitment of donors to help Canadian Blood Services deliver a stable transfusion system for Canadians. Over the past four years, Grayconians have donated more than 60 units of blood, enough to provide live-saving support for 15 major sugeries.

For Fink, the act of giving back via donation comes from personal experience. As one of her friends experienced a severe pregnancy complications that resulted in the loss of a kidney, Fink discovered the urgent need for blood and plasma.

“When one of my best friends lost a kidney, I was asking her family what I could do to help,” says Fink. “Her father was already a donor, and he urged me to start.

“My friend and her daughter pulled through and are fine, now, but every time I give blood, I think about how this act could help someone in a similar situation. My goddaughter is my inspiration.”

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