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Graycon I.T. is ON IT, launching new brand and national campaign

by Colin Brandt

January 24, 2017

For more than 27 years, Graycon Group has delivered I.T. solutions driven by business minds across Canada. Working with our international partners at Ricoh, our clients benefit from a global reach and capability, while our team of over 200 I.T. and business professionals provide the local touch they deserve.

On Thursday, January 19, a new chapter in Graycon’s history began, as President and Founder Douglas Gray announced an exciting new brand for the company, designed to support ambitious growth goals, inspire clients and staff and align with Ricoh, Graycon’s global partner.

Graycon I.T. Brand Launch

A new look and feel for a growing company

Coupled with a new media campaign and digital focus, Graycon – now formally Graycon I.T. Powered by Ricoh – is working hard to open new markets across Canada, working with our partners at Ricoh to deliver comprehensive solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

“Our focus on new markets creates an excellent opportunity for an introduction of a new look and feel that reflects where we are now as a company,” says VP Marketing Tannis Gaffney. “We are a national force to be reckoned with and we want everyone – our competitors, partners, clients and staff – to know it.”


ON IT, so you don’t have to be

Designed to focus on Graycon I.T.’s best-in-class flexibility and expertise, Gray noted that the new brand was created in conversation with Graycon I.T.’s existing clients and partners, highlighting what makes them an effective service provider.

“We are articulating to the world what our clients know we already are – a company built to be flexible, dependable, positive and forward-thinking. We’re here, thinking about our clients’ business challenges. Ready to help with their long-term goals and day-to-day issues. We’re on it, so they don’t have to be.”

That key element - ON IT - goes beyond a new tagline or advertisement, describing the mentality of every Grayconian as they think about their client’s needs, hire new employees or develop a new strategy for their client.



A brand built for the future of technology and business

ON IT defines the future of I.T., where alignment of technology to business goals has become the defining challenge for many businesses. Placing that alignment front and centre in its identity, Graycon I.T. shows its focus on the future while able to meet the needs of their present clients. In a recent article published by the Canadian Business Journal, Graycon’s I.T. as a Service solution is described as the modern way to reduce I.T. costs and power business.

“By connecting Graycon I.T.’s future with what it does better than anyone else, our brand and our partnership with Ricoh gives us the power to deliver on our promises to our clients and to our own teams,” says Gaffney. “We’re ON IT and we’re ready to take Graycon I.T. to the next level.”

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