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Understand the Office 365 Difference in 3 Minutes

by Colin Brandt

April 18, 2017

Despite considerable advantages in terms of security and cost, not everyone has been quick to adopt Microsoft Office 365. More than 83% of small and medium-sized businesses are still running legacy versions of Office - in many cases with limited support and increasing security headaches.

In this video, Matthew Murray, Graycon's Business Development Manager for Saskatoon, walks you through what makes Office 365 different from the previous versions of MS Office and its clear advantages for businesses of any size.

  • No more expensive re-releases of the same old stuff. Office 365 stays continually updated with the latest version - once you subscribe, you always have the latest version of the software, with the latest security patches and functionality - at no extra cost.
  • No more under-the-desk email servers. With Exchange for Office 365, the core functionality of Microsoft's email server software - like controlling your email accounts, syncing between your desktop and mobile, and shared calendaring - are all backed up into the Canadian-hosted Office 365 Cloud. This keeps you from having to host your email locally, paying for an expensive server that you have to maintain and protect.
  • No more buying hardware and software you won't use. Because Office 365 works on a per-user basis, it's infinitely scalable. You only ever pay for the users you have and there are no additional hardware costs as it's all hosted in the cloud. All you need is your own website domain and you're set.