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Tips and Tricks 15: Developing a Great Team

by Graycon I.T.

August 25, 2014

To commemorate our 25th Anniversary, Graycon will be running a series of 25 ''Tips and Tricks' for successful IT.

Developing a Great Team

Written by: Wade Ball, Manager Operations

Having a successful team is critical to all businesses. Your team empowers your business. They are a direct representative of your organization to your clients or end users. Ensuring each one of them is set up for success, armed with the right tools, processes, knowledge and skills to deliver an outstanding client or user experience is critical to overall success for both the organization and your IT team.

Your technology team is no different. Building and growing your IT team is an ongoing challenge as technology evolution seems to accelerate daily. Here are a few areas of thought when working with and developing your IT team.

Encourage growth. Invest in your team to help them develop into the stars you know they can be.

Empower your team to bring forward new ideas and solutions for your business. They are the ones tackling the day to day work and therefore have some great ideas on how it can be done more efficiently, more cost effective, and with a better experience for clients and end-users. Encourage feedback, remove the roadblocks, and continually explore new technology and new ideas.

Recognize your team regularly. Thank you’s, high fives, and both public and private recognition go a long way in motivating all teams. In IT, we typically focus on the problems or issues, but we also need to spend time and focus on the efforts and results of the team. The best way to tackle today’s toughest IT challenges is with an highly skilled, empowered, and motivated team.