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Where's the wolf in your business?

by Colin Brandt

February 23, 2017

As hacking continues to get headlines and influences public policy and conversation, the business of unauthorized access to information has never been more lucrative. Keeping your data secure is big business – and essential to keeping your business running. The fact is, the nightmare scenario could be happening right now to most organizations and they may not even be aware of it. Enter The Wolf.

In HP Studios’ debut feature, Christian Slater plays “The Wolf”, a Mr. Robot-esque hacker that systematically destroys a company  via security holes in their printer systems.

With less than 20% of IT managers look at printers as a potential security hazard, it’s just one of many examples of ways that hackers can gain access to systems that appear protected.

“It’s easy to think your home is secure when you’re got the doors locked, but if you forget that you’ve left a window open, it’s too late,” says Kyle Kilback, Graycon I.T.’s VP Technology. “Comprehensive network security is about more than just a firewall or a virus scan – it’s about defense-in-depth.”

A combination of managed security practices can help keep your business safe – when the stakes are as high as this, you can’t afford to lose out:

  • Keep the right traffic coming in and going out. Your firewall is up and working, and is patched with the latest firmware.
  • You’re getting the right emails. Your anti-spam and malware scanning is keeping your users safe, and when something slips through, your staff have an information security policy that helps them protect your systems from intrusion.
  • Your endpoint is more than a last resort. Your anti-virus and malware scanning in up to date, it’s active on all your systems and you’ve got things backed up in case something goes wrong.
  • You’re testing everything. Information Security only works if you’re testing your systems consistently to make sure that holes are filled, users are informed and you’re got watchers on the wall looking out for the next attack.

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