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Toner Bottle and Cartridge Return Program

Reduce your carbon footprint and set a good example in your workplace. 



Toner Bottle and Cartridge Recycling


Toner Bottle and Cartridge Recycling

Ricoh Canada’s commitment to Environmental Sustainability also extends to recycling used Ricoh toner bottles and cartridges. We encourage our customers to participate in toner cartridge recycling by providing two options to assist you in returning your empty consumables – free of charge. These options are:

1. Purolator Courier Label (For shipments less than 70 pounds)

Place the empty Toner Bottles or cartridges in the box that the full replacement toner bottles or cartridges came in. Wait until the box is full to send it - please don't send partially empty boxes. If your company produces a higher than average volume of used Ricoh consumables, we encourage you to reuse one of your own empty boxes for returns.

Once this box is filled, simply fill out the On-Line Courier Label; the destination information has been pre-populated for your convenience. When you are ready to ship, print the courier label, affix it to your box and call Purolator Courier: 1 888 744 7123 for prepaid courier pickup.

Please do not photocopy this label - it has a unique barcode attached to it and is good for only one parcel return item. If you require a second label, simply click "generate label" again for a new label

Purolator Courier Label Generator

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Please enter numerical value only.


In order to generate your label, please ensure that your web browser's pop up blocker is turned off.

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2. Purolator Freight Bill of Lading (For shipments over 70 pounds)

If your company produces an extremely high volume of used consumables, Ricoh can provide your company with a Gaylord shipping container should space permit.

  • Gaylords are the size of a standard shipping pallet: 48" x 40” x 36”.
  • You can receive a container by calling or emailing our Supplies department and asking for a Gaylord Container (product code: Empty Box).
    Ricoh Canada Supply Desk:
    Toll free: 1-800-267-9469
  • Once this container is filled, download the attached Bill of Lading, affix it to the container and call Purolator Freight for pick up: 1 888 302.8819
  • To download the shipping container label for British Columbia, Yukon, or the Northwest Territories, click here.
  • To download the shipping container label for Alberta, Manitoba, Nunavut or Saskatchewan, click here.
  • To download the shipping container label for Ontario, click here.
  • To download the shipping container label for Quebec, NB, NS, PEI or NL, click here.

Thank you for recycling!