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Do more in your Departments and Agencies while staying under budget  

Discover solutions to help your governmental agencies operate more efficiently, manage mounds of sensitive data and bring information to those who need it. 




  • Document and Data Safeguard

    Automate your paper-based processes and convert your documents into more secure digital files.   

  • Document/Content Management

    Reduce the costs and delays associated with paper records and manual workflows.

  • Managed Print Services

    Protect your investment in printers, lower your operating costs and address security requirements.

  • Print Management Solutions

    Get the tools to monitor and manage the fleet of output devices within your district.

  • Secure Printing Solution

    Print your confidential information in a shared-printer environment with full accountability and cost tracking.

  • Manage Public Information Requests

    Provide timely and accurate access to internal data concerning government services to requestors.

  • Information Digitization Solution

    Decrease your use of hardcopy documents, and make your information searchable, usable and shareable. 

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  • Device, Data and Document Security

    Help protect personal, confidential, classified and sensitive information in all stages of use.

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For local government

Ricoh makes digitization simple through ECM and BPM solutions, enabling local governments to focus on serving constituents.
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