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For Municipal Government

We make digitization simple, so that you can focus on running our cities, towns and municipalities more effectively and efficiently.

Cities, Townships and Municipalities

We work hard to make Records Management and BPM solutions easy so you can run your city more securely, more efficiently, and of course more effectively. Ricoh is a market leader in process automation and has been instrumental in shaping office innovation solutions for more than a decade. Maybe that’s why we’ve been selected to deploy solutions in over 70 municipal governments in Canada.

Experience Matters

Knowing federal, provincial and municipal laws along with the nuances of how government operates allows Ricoh to quickly recommend and implement suitable solutions for organizations. A great example would be how we helped the City of Saint John, New Brunswick, improve the building permit process by over 30%.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

In today’s world, electronic records are no longer a luxury, they are a necessity. Fast growing municipalities and ever changing legislation require municipal governments to be as on top of their records as ever. With Ricoh, even the oldest systems can be modernized to save time, become the most compliant and most secure system possible.

Ricoh has built and deployed robust electronic records management systems all across Canada. Every department, from planning to policing, can benefit from a proven and highly effective Ricoh solution. Now, municipal governments can realize greater efficiency for systems that range from thousands of documents to tens of millions and enable a municipal government to save taxpayer money.

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Business Process Management (BPM)

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For more than a decade, Ricoh has been automating many of the processes municipal governments deploy. Requirements such as licensing, permits, tickets, invoicing and many paper based processes can be fully automated and shared seamlessly in multiple locations saving time and taxpayer money.

Replacing legacy paper-based processes are one of the fastest ways a municipal government can realize cost savings by increasing efficiencies across all departments. For example, we help shorten approval times, and replace sequential approval processes that often extend day-to-day processes into costly endeavors.

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The average Ricoh Consultant has 6 years’ experience in selling solutions to Cities, Townships and Municipalities. 


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