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Case Study: Blue Valley Schools 

Raising print user satisfaction ratings to 100%.

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With more than 3,000 teachers and staff and more than 22,000 students, a typical school day at Blue Valley School District buzzes with activity. The staff needs to print thousands of pages every day, quickly and economically. But this wasn’t happening. Aging multifunction printers (MFPs) and other issues caused user satisfaction ratings to plummet, thanks to:

  • Uncertainty about how to report maintenance issues and how long repairs would take
  • Staff attempts to perform their own maintenance — a distraction from classroom prep and teaching
  • Delays and errors caused by unique multifunction printer (MFP) user interfaces

In addition, district leaders wanted staff to funnel more projects to the district's print shop instead of printing jobs themselves.


“We have a finite amount of time to connect with our students. We don’t want to spend it trying to figure out what’s wrong with our output devices. With Ricoh, we don’t have to — they resolve problems before we even know about them.” 

Jason Gillam
Director of Business Operations 
Blue Valley Schools, Overland Park, Kansas 






With the right plan, the school district was confident they could improve the speed and efficiency of copy and print tasks, reduce downtime, minimize manual tasks and enhance security controls. 


After Blue Valley revamped print workflows and designed a new service model, they looked for a partner to help them execute the plan. They chose us, and our solution delivered:


  • An onsite help desk to support 131 of our MFPs.
  • A dedicated technician who manages supplies, user training, service calls, billing, reporting and preventive maintenance.
  • Common interfaces on all MFPs that make it easy for users to enter instructions.
  • Print management software that’s integrated with the district’s LDAP directory.
  • Five of our production printers for the print shop, along with workflow software to automate ticketing and job handling, inline finishing and media choices.

About Blue Valley Schools

Located in northeastern Kansas, Blue Valley Schools encompasses 41 buildings, 34 of which are schools. Their mission is unprecedented academic success and unparalleled personal growth for every student. 


Six months after we implemented the new service model, the district reports that satisfaction with the service desk jumped from 38% to 100%. Nearly all staff members (92%) said they were "satisfied" or "very satisfied." Additionally, device issues are resolved on the first visit nearly 97% of the time — a 32% jump compared to the previous vendor.

Other outcomes help the district safeguard information and improve operations:

  • Users authenticate themselves on the MFPs with their ID badges.
  • “Follow me” style printing prevents document pickup by unauthorized users.
  • Print usage can be tracked and charged back for every user.

Better yet, teachers are sending more jobs to the print shop instead of printing their own jobs and troubleshooting issues — leaving them more time to prepare lessons and interact with students.