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Case Study: Canada's Leading Courier

Automated payment processing lowers costs, improves customer satisfaction.





This courier company, which handles a high volume of cheques from thousands of individuals and businesses across Canada every day, was frustrated with its partially outsourced payment processing system. They endured payment processing delays, mishandled post-dated cheques, miscommunications among siloed operations and other costly inefficiencies.

Increased work volumes during holidays only magnified the courier’s problems, further compelling them to pivot and fully outsource their payment processing. Their goals were to increase process efficiency and gain significant cost savings. They also wanted a painless transformation.

“Over the term of this project, the courier will see savings in the millions of dollars due to increased efficiency, automation, better data processing and fewer inaccuracies.” 





Through our five Ricoh Business Information Services Centres across Canada, we offer the technology and established processes to scale for any large volume of payment processing.

Following a short onsite evaluation, we quickly implemented a custom end-to-end solution that fully automated payment processing for the courier. During roll-out, there were no business interruptions or delays. Soon, the courier was free to focus on improving customer satisfaction and thereby reduce call center overhead, no longer weighted down by the costs and lost time of directly handling physical cheques and deciphering cheque data.

Today, the courier additionally benefits from more robust reporting: records are accurately updated daily. All of the courier’s pertinent data is stored securely on Canadian soil in Ricoh’s secure, private PCI-compliant cloud environment. Ricoh Business Information Services Centres also have secret level clearance from CSIS to handle legal scanning.

About The Customer

As one of Canada’s leading couriers, this company provides best-in-class freight and parcel solutions across the nation. Its extensive transportation and logistics network, robust supporting infrastructure, and commitment to unsurpassed customer care create the backbone upon which its business, and its sterling reputation, has been built.


Over the term of this project, the courier will see savings in the millions of dollars due to increased efficiency, automation, better data processing and fewer inaccuracies.

Ricoh’s innovative processes were customized to meet the courier’s unique needs. Plugged seamlessly into the courier's workflows, Ricoh automation was able to take over many repetitive tasks — resulting in a 77% reduction in the number of steps required to process a cheque. Time spent processing the maximum value of cheques also fell (from five days to two days). Endowed with high-volume digital deposits at banks through Ricoh, the courier has benefited uniquely from sped up processing times and reduced bank fees.