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RICOH Pro TF6250

UV LED Flatbed Printer

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Experience remarkable speed, quality and ease-of-use for the wide-format graphics your customers count on

The RICOH Pro TF6250 Wide Format UV LED Printer drives greater profitability by making it easy to digitally produce a virtually endless range of products on rigid substrates up to 4.3" thick. Print directly on an unparalleled range of rigid substrates at speeds up to 1,248.6 ft2/hr in four-color draft mode and up to 516.7 ft2/hr in four-color standard mode. Combined with outstanding image quality, high productivity and low-cost operation, this media flexibility provides the opportunity to create a broad range of high-value applications for your customers.
Zoo posters at bus shelter

Expand revenue streams with unparalleled application potential

Print applications for indoor and outdoor use including signs, posters, backlit displays, exhibition graphics, POP/POS displays, art reproductions and more on rigid media. Expand revenue streams even further with emerging application trends like short run specialty packaging, interior murals, and promotional items.
Large format beauty print

High-quality inks for vivid color and crisp details

Take advantage of an exceptional color gamut and the ability to take on more profitable jobs with white and clear inks. Ricoh's proprietary ink technology helps you achieve pristine image quality up to 635 x 1800 dpi for photo-realistic results. Benefit from inline UV LED curing, which makes prints ready for immediate finishing or installation.

Productivity for the toughest production environments

Twelve RICOH MH5421 printheads help you produce near-photographic quality with print speeds of up to 1,248.6 ft2/hr in four-color draft mode and 516.7 ft2/hr in four-color standard mode. One-touch automated daily printhead carriage maintenance makes uptime predictable and lets you put your labor dollars to better use elsewhere in your shop.
Pro TF6250 print speeds

Push creativity further to help your clients stand out and succeed with the RICOH Pro TF6250 UV LED Flatbed Printer


Turn nearly any surface into an innovative piece of art

Create products on foamcore, wood, metal, acrylic, glass, styrene, corrugated cardboard, plastics and more. The range of supported rigid media not only opens the door to new printing jobs, it gives you the opportunity to unleash your creativity and help clients make the very best choice for their application needs. LED curing expands media versatility even further by supporting thinner and heat sensitive substrates like styrene.
Custom small run packaging

Endless application potential from a single device

Whether for indoor or outdoor placement, meet more client needs and offer new ways to help brands stand out with signage, backlit displays, POP displays, exhibition graphics, art reproductions, murals, yard signs and more. Help create visual interest for customers with short-run speciality packaging or unique promotional items that are now more affordable in smaller or on-demand quantities.

Edge-to-edge printing on rigid media for impressive results

With a maximum image size of 51.5" x 98.8" the RICOH Pro TF 6250 gives you the room to accommodate large sizes, display pieces and produce large images over multiple tiled boards for greater productivity. Print edge-to-edge and eliminate trimming steps. The system's true flatbed architecture enables you to print directly on pre-cut, heavy or oddly-shaped items, making it the ideal technology for versatile printing on rigid media.
Umbrella with rain drops

Take advantage of multi-layer and textured printing

Grow your revenue with the capability to produce impressive day/night applications by printing in three layers (color-white-color). Registration pins make setup simple and ensure precise, accurate registration from pass to pass. This reliable registration also allows you to confidently create impressive visual effects, like textured applications using clear ink, as well as high-density coverage applications.
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Let Ricoh help you grow revenue and drive ROI

Turn to Ricoh's suite of on-site Professional Services to help maximize the return on your hardware. With a range of offerings including operator training, color management, and product/application workflows to business development strategies, our experts deliver real-world experience to help your business thrive and expand.

Produce near photographic image quality and vibrant, lasting color with Ricoh's industry-leading printhead and ink technology


Precise, variable-drop printing

The device uses Ricoh's proprietary piezo multi-drop inkjet printing technology, employing a total of 12 stainless steel printheads, each containing 1,280 nozzles. The multi-drop capability allows for the creation of a range of droplet sizes for smooth gray-scale and half-tone printing. Printheads are configured in four staggered rows to deliver the best coverage for printing up to 635 x 1800 dpi for exceptional image quality and repeatability.
white ink

Discover new possibilities with vibrant white ink

Ricoh's vibrant, high-opacity white ink expands product design opportunities by helping you enhance and retain color vividness. Make colors pop on three-layer prints and day/night applications using white ink as a mid-layer. Apply white as a base layer on clear or colored media to protect the full richness of CMYK. Used as a spot color, white ink draws the eye to make graphics more engaging and help key messages stand out.
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Vivid, memorable output that's designed to last

With CMYK plus white and clear ― and print resolution of up to 635 dpi x 1,800 dpi ― you can achieve varied, vibrant color no matter what projects you undertake. The built-in primer lets you print on an array of substrates without pre-treatment. And, our UV inkjet printer gives you the flexibility to print in four-color, fivecolor, six-color and seven-color modes.

Stunning image quality with Ricoh UV LED Inks

Not only can you achieve outstanding, intense color and image quality, you can also finish jobs faster with the UV LED inks available on the Pro TF6250. Since prints are fully cured once printing is complete, you can move to finishing steps or installation without delay. Because prints are durable and ready for immediate, handling, you can stay focused on customer deadlines and meeting tight turnarounds.

Choose the segment leader in print productivity to put your business at the that's engineered for easy, lowcost operation for your shop.

TF6250 ink

Drive a blazing production pace with dual-white printing

The RICOH Pro TF6250 provides key ink configuration choices to help you meet and exceed client expectations on every job. An available dual-white configuration achieves higher productivity with stunning, high-opacity white coverage, creating profitable new opportunities. The Standard ink configuration provides CMYK plus white, clear and inline primer to open new media choices and achieve precise, consistent image quality across applications.
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Simplify your path to success

With your shop and your operators in mind, the system has been engineered to help you start achieving business growth from the outset. Intuitive controls and the included, user-friendly SAi Photo Print RIP software shorten the learning curve for any operator. With support for multi-dpi printing, the software helps simplify tasks including tiling, scaling and cropping to save staff valuable time.
registration marks

Designed for ultimate ease-of-use

Featuring automated media height detection with positioning sensor and registration pins for easy media loading, it's easy for operators to achieve accurate registration for double-sided prints. To ensure years of the highest-quality output possible, one-touch daily maintenance makes uptime predictable and helps keep your system in the best possible condition, while reducing hands-on time for your staff and preventing unplanned pauses in production.
laser beam

Make safety a priority

With very low volatile organic compounds and low-odor, our inks allow you to operate your flatbed UV LED printer in a setting that's better for operators and the environment. The Human Sensor protects users from the print zone during operation, providing an additional operator safety. When the light beam is broken, the printer stops to protect people and the system from harm. Printing can be resumed when the area is cleared.
Ricoh employee with customer

Maximize uptime and asset utilization

With one of the largest production print service organizations in the industry at the ready, you can count on prompt, professional and reliable service. Our expert team of technicians have a straightforward mission when it comes to servicing your business: keeping you up and running so that you can stay as profitable as
possible. National coverage and regional distribution centers ensure that parts and repairs are always available.

Enhance your productivity and realize true application potential with in-house finishing.

Professional finishing solutions help maximize what you can produce with the Ricoh Pro TF6250.

Wide Format Finishing

Colex Sharpcut SX Series

A fully integrated hardware and software solution that turns your digital cutting table into an efficient short-run production system. This powerful solution provides unmatched productivity by intelligently finishing graphics. Applications include graphics, displays/POP's, packaging and textiles/fabrics and supports a wide range of media. Models include the Sharpcut Creator SX-1717 (5.5' × 5.5'), the Sharpcut Pro SX-1732 (5.5' × 10.5'), the Sharpcut SX-3216 (10' × 5') and the Sharpcut SX-3232 (10' × 10').

System Specifications

Max Printable Area

98.4 x 51.2

General Specifications



Ink Type

CMYKW, clear and primer

Original Paper Weight

Media Weight: Maximum 99lbs/m2 or less

Maximum Thickness

Up to 4.3 inches

Power Source

32 Amp 3-phase 200-240V

Dimensions W x D x H

15.8 ft x 7.2 ft x 5.2 ft


Less than 3,307 lb

Printer Specifications

Print Speed

Standard 4C DraftMode Mode: Up to 1248.6 ft2/h
Standard 4C Production Mode: Up to 688.9 ft2/h
Standard 4C Standard Mode: Up to 516.7 ft2/h
Standard 4C Quality Mode: Up to 344.4 ft2/h
Standard 4C High Quality Mode: Up to 172.2 ft2/h
Standard 4C + W Production Mode: Up to 322.9 ft2/h
Standard 4C + W Standard Mode: Up to 161.5 ft2/h
Standard 4C + W Quality Mode: Up to 107.6 ft2/h
Standard 4C + W High Quality Mode: Up to 64.6 ft2/h

Double White 4C Draft Mode: Up to 1248.6 ft2/h
Double White 4C Production Mode: Up to 688.9 ft2/h
Double White 4C Standard Mode: Up to 516.7 ft2/h
Double White 4C Quality Mode: Up to 344.4 ft2/h
Double White 4C High Quality Mode: Up to 172.2 ft2/h
Double White 4C + W Production Mode: Up to 430.6 ft2/h
Double White 4C + W Standard Mode: Up to 215.3 ft2/h
Double White 4C + W Quality Mode: Up to 139.9 ft2/h
Double White 4C + W High Quality Mode: Up to 107.6 ft2/h

Supported OS

Windows® 10 / 7 (64bit)

Product Support

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