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Kofax AutoStore®

Automated, secured, distributed document capture

Take advantage of faster, more efficient digital information processes

Kofax AutoStore enables automated, compliant and secured document capture workflows using your Ricoh multifunction printer (MFP). Built for the office, it provides capabilities designed to help workers be more efficient and productive — while also providing enterprise-level controls for information security and governance. Kofax AutoStore gives you:

  • Information capture from a diverse range of sources — including paper, electronic forms, images and mobile devices
  • Efficient routing into your business systems and applications
  • A common user experience across multiple capture channels (desktop, email, MFP, mobile, etc.)


  • Transform static documents into actionable digital information
  • Prevent unauthorized use with secured business information
  • Increase the productivity and efficiency of your workforce
  • Ensure that your operational processes remain compliant with secured business information

Capture information from various sources

Instead of cobbling together multiple solutions to meet your various document capture needs, Kofax AutoStore gives you a single solution for managing, administering and installing automated capture workflows. Not only does it enable automated document capture for MFPs and printers, it also empowers users to capture information and documents from virtually any paper or electronic source, including:

  • Mobile devices
  • PCs
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Scanners

Empower users to be productive and efficient

Kofax AutoStore's user-centric solution makes it easy to enable productivity for the distributed workforce. Simplify workflows and help ensure that only high-quality information is passed on to collaborators and line of business applications. AutoStore's user-friendly capabilities help empower user productivity:

  • Capture data from a variety of sources
  • Easily process electronic forms
  • Apply image enhancement and correction based on the source for improved readability
  • Utilize barcode recognition (1D/2D) and full text / zonal text / hand printed optical character recognition (OCR) tools
  • Bring the MFP database lookup capability to the desktop for simplified metadata entry
  • Easily add rich, usable information to important business system records – making document search and retrieval more effective

Scalable and expandable through ControlSuite

Organizations can begin with a simple solution that delivers reliable results (AutoStore Foundations) and then choose to scale to address more complex tasks and workflows (AutoStore Enterprise). AutoStore 8 installs with the ControlSuite Foundations and Enterprise, which lets you easily combine complementary capabilities — such as Kofax Equitrac (Print Management Services) and/or Kofax Output Manager — with the AutoStore capture solution. When operating together through ControlSuite, users can additionally:

  • Initiate capture workflows from print streams
  • Submit documents into print queues
  • Release print jobs via mobile app
  • Transform documents by applying user stamps and watermarks
  • Convert print streams into PDF documents
  • Provide a simplified installation and configuration experience for IT

Keep business information secured without sacrificing efficiency

If your organization is looking to secure inbound information with compliant, automated document capture, AutoStore can help ensure that information security policies are followed correctly across all channels:

  • Provide security control for documents in process and safeguard unauthorized access to documents at any point within the system workflow
  • Minimize the risk of unauthorized access — whether from an office MFP or on a mobile device out in the field — with basic authentication, provided through extended Kofax ControlSuite functionality
  • Give users access to enhanced security tools with watermarking and information stamping capabilities

Feed business systems with the right data

Captured information can be processed based on predefined business rules that determine how the information is saved, stored, processed and routed. Processed documents and resulting index data can be distributed to email messages, ERP systems, CRM systems, ECM systems, secured network folders and more. Data can be routed to multiple destinations simultaneously and selectively, and you can even create personal workflows based on network authentication. Automated tasks are performed effortlessly with the push of a button from any supported Ricoh device with a Smart Operation Panel (SOP). AutoStore also helps users route information into the proper applications — with minimal effort — with 40+ business systems connectors.

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