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We work in an age of digital transformation, and approaches that worked in the past no longer work in this fluid environment. Capitalizing on the digital shift requires a culture shift – but many businesses aren’t sure where to start. We can help.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Business Process Consulting is a service designed to identify processes within key business functions at your organization and streamline them for better efficiency and accuracy. We will begin with an in-depth analysis of your workflow processes and identify bottlenecks, security risks and redundancies. From there we will create a proposed strategy. We have also identified that one of the most important success factors of any process improvement is change management, something that Ricoh has great expertise in.

Feel inspired to lead the way

With a globally tested approach you can help lead change.

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Our Business Process Consulting has inspired organizations like your own to lead with solutions that enable business process optimization, enterprise mobility and strong information governance – all while managing and influencing organizational change with respect to your organization's culture and business goals.

We have assisted departments and entire enterprises through the augmentation of business processes, the implementation of mobile technologies, the strategic management of risk and the chaos of change – all with a focus on people and processes, not just technology. From the discovery process to change management you can be sure we will prioritize your vision, needs and business process improvements.

Together, with our globally tested approach we can lead the way to a more efficient organization.

Use process improvement to inspire change

Improve processes with innovation.

While you may or may not be familiar with our rich history of innovation - we've been improving the way people work for over 30 years, you can be sure we are constantly pushing the envelope, by asking "why?" and finding new and better ways to get things done when it comes to office environments.

Our approach to consulting is based on innovation – enabling your business to improve processes, develop and implement paperless strategies, exceed compliance requirements and ensure success through change management.

Just as your organization is unique, so is our approach to implementing our Business Process Consulting solutions. We tailor them to fit your specific needs and goals and build a plan together that sets your organization up for success by embracing innovation and change.
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Transform your organization from within

Drive results with trusted experience.

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Business Process Consulting solutions focus on driving Thought Leadership. Our consultants are experts in the areas of business process agility, enterprise mobility, governance, risk, compliance and organizational change management and we have helped a number of organizations like your own navigate today’s ever-changing competitive landscape.

With evolving subject matter expertise and years of consulting experience we enable deep transformations that outpace a rapidly changing work environment and encourage transformation from within your organization.

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