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Accounting processes

Accounting Processes

Turn your Accounting Department into a positive cash flow machine with
Ricoh’s powerful automation technology and state-of-the-art facilities.

Payment Processing 

Whether you receive cheques from customers or have transitioned to entirely electronic forms of payment, remittance processes still require manual work and too much paper. Turn this inefficient workflow into an automated and scalable opportunity to improve business agility and profitability. 

Our Payment Processing Service will provide incoming remittance (cheque or EFT) capture, automated processing for input into your ERP and finally direct deposit into your bank account. We’ll also perform post-dated cheques management, validation and exceptions management as well as  communications forwarding. 


  • Improve your transaction processing time with intelligent automation and modern PCI-compliant lock-box service
  • Refocus workforce contributions by automating repetitive and manual tasks
  • Capture, store and access payment data in digital formats for enhanced security and compliance
  • Gain deeper financial insights with robust reporting and up-to-date tracking
  • Reduce the number of data entry errors and inaccurate late payment notices due to misplaced post-dated cheques

Accounts Payable Processing

Optimize your AP process by converting invoices into electronic documents and extracting key data. With Ricoh’s Accounts Payable Processing Service, you can capitalize on vendor discounts, accelerate payment timelines, and improve visibility into cash flow. 


Our approach combines process and portal features to:

  • Eliminate the time-consuming legwork associated with assigning credits, GL coding lists, tax code application and verification
  • Match your invoices to other databases for more efficient reconciliation
  • Enable invoice lookups for all applicable employees 
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