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Printer Fleet Management Services

Optimize costs and simplify maintenance of your printer fleet.

Managed print services
You may already use data to run your office more smoothly. Make your workplace even smarter with real-time insights about printer utilization and usage by department or personnel from our Printer Fleet Management service. Now, make improvements on cost, energy, waste and security across your printer network from a single dashboard.

Collect actionable data


Make smart decisions with the right data.

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Instead of investing IT resources in the labor-intensive task of collecting data about your print device fleet, you can automate real-time data collection with our fleet management services. Now, devote more IT resources to improving productivity and becoming a greener office.

Our reporting gives you insights into your printer fleet and utilization at the user, department and group levels to help simplify how you control print costs. Stop deploying under-used printers, and save on color printing that may be unnecessary or non-compliant with your printing policies.

Simplify maintenance and reduce downtime


Take a proactive approach.

business man working on tablet to fix printer maintenance

How much can you save in terms of wasted labor to diagnose printer maintenance issues and order supplies? Our fleet management service helps to streamline your maintenance processes and cut wasteful spending in the following ways:

  • Avoid over-provisioning toner, print cartridges and other supplies that must be stored, wasting office real estate.
  • Avoid last minute shortages by proactively notifying technicians about needed supplies.
  • Reduce IT tickets from employees experiencing driver issues when trying to connect to new devices.

Admins can also help to ensure 24/7 uptime via remote management and access to real-time analytics about devices across multiple locations and geographies.


Enforce tighter information security


Protect your document workflows with advanced security features.

hand touching data security screen with code
The free flow of information, when and where it's needed in your organization, is a vital competitive edge. However, you must also protect your private information and comply with privacy standards such as HIPAA, FERPA and SOX. Our fleet management service allows admins to help ensure that proprietary documents are not leaked or viewed by unauthorized users when those documents reside on the hard drives of printers in your fleet. Admins can automatically overwrite hard drive data via our DOSS feature, and enforce card authentication for user access. Now, reduce risk when returning printers at the end of the lease. 

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