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by Graycon I.T.

July 6, 2018

EBOOK-From-Dickens-to-Digital-Final-1The Future State of Legal IT

New and emerging technologies are fundamentally changing how professional services firms operate, and the legal industry may be the most affected. In this three-part series, Alan Legal, Ricoh's Director, Strategy, focuses on key trends in technology and business, how they will affect the legal community and how Ricoh’s Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) model can help small to midsize law firms save money, develop IT strategies and prepare for the future.

EBOOK-Ransomware-Final-1Ransomware 101 - Malware's Apex Predator 

Ransomware is the apex predator of consumer-grade malware. It works by infiltrating the victim’s computer, encrypting their files with often-unbreakable encryption and then selling the decryption keys to the victims. For all its elegance and strong cryptography, ransomware is still largely avoidable and recovering from an infection without paying a ransom is possible. This e-Book offers four key strategies to protect yourself from falling victim to an attack.