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The risk is there. Protect yourself. 

Don’t lose your time, money or reputation to a security breach.

Ricoh can provide the tools and knowledge to protect your company from today's threats. Our team of security experts will assess your environment and protect your networks, devices and users.

All Ricoh security assessments include
  • Identification of vulnerabilities in the environment

  • Detailed explanations of remediation

  • Clear, concise reporting that summarizes recommended security products and solutions

  • Prioritized list of next steps


This assessment gives you a full view of IT vulnerabilities and their levels of risk. Uncover everything that can pose a threat to your IT environment.

What we'll do:

  • Gather information about your business through publicly available sources
  • List all internet-facing assets
  • Scan ports and exposed services
  • Assess all software for exposures and/or misconfigurations
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities and recommend solutions

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How could an attacker gain access to your data, and where are you most vulnerable? Our security consultants will perform a simulated attack on your business to identify gaps that could be exploited.

What we'll do:

  • Work with your team to identify goals for testing
  • Chain together multiple vulnerabilities to achieve testing goals
  • Bypass security controls such as anti-malware and two-factor authentications
  • Travel through a part of compromised hosts for access to sensitive areas within the network
  • Provide a detailed assessment of security controls and prioritized list of recommended solutions

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Web applications are critical to your business. But you could risk malware distribution, breach of client data and a bypass of security controls if your security measures fail. Let us find your vulnerabilities before someone else does.

What we'll do:

  • Perform an automated vulnerability scan of servers
  • Manually test application logic for flaws
  • Take advantage of vulnerabilities to gain access to data
  • Provide a detailed assessment of identified vulnerabilities and recommended solutions

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Social engineering tests the “human firewall” of your organization with phishing campaigns and access to user credentials. We’ll identify areas of weakness and establish a baseline of user behaviour to justify security investments.

What we'll do:

  • Attempt a breach through email phishing, application updates and password hacks
  • Test user behaviour to determine a baseline for weak security protocols.
  • Provide a detailed assessment of all identified vulnerabilities and recommended solutions

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