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Subscription Services

A better way to consume IT

Get more value from your IT investment with Ricoh ITS' Subscription Services and pay only for what you use, when you use it.

Firewall as a Service

Take your network security to the next level

Ricoh ITS' Firewall as a Service provides more than a security device. Our experts will manage and service every aspect including updates, patches and monitoring to equip you with deeper insights. And if a security incident occurs, our team will respond at no extra costs to you.

With our 100% hands-on approach, we'll take care of:

  • Sizing and deployment
  • Device configurations and installations
  • Testing
  • Patching and security updates
  • Warranty and support
  • Monitoring and maintenance
  • Comprehensive monthly reporting

Benefits of Firewall as a Service:

  • Continuous visibility and alerting of network activity
  • Automated intelligence updates from ongoing R&D efforts
  • Configuration backups
  • Hardware lifecycle refreshes
  • Protect your network, workstations, mobile devices and users against multiple forms of cyber threats

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Backup as a Service

If you forget, we’ll remember. 


What you need is a Backup solution. Not the inconvenience of storage requirements, hardware upgrades, cloud provisioning, software maintenance, or the worry of changing tapes and failed backups. Ricoh ITS' Backup as a Service gives you what you need, so you're not paying for what you don't. We'll manage your on- and off-site backup using backup appliances and cloud-based services. Our Canadian offsite data centre ensures your data is secure, and never leaves Canadian soil.

Backup as a Service offers:

  • All-in-one Backup appliance
  • Flexible recovery options
  • Instant appliance replacement
  • Proactive management of backups
  • Automatic firmware updates
  • Multi-year discounts
  • Hardware refresh after four years
  • Subscription pricing for predictability
  • Support for physical and virtual machines

Benefits of Backup as a Service:

  • Daily monitoring and management
  • Unlimited cloud storage and replication
  • File/folder and application restores
  • Remote restore and basic disaster recovery testing
  • Detailed reporting

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Endpoint Protection as a Service

Continuous protection for your workstations and servers


With today's targeted attacks, malware and ransomeware, it's not enough to buy antivirus software and simply set it and forget it. We'll monitor and patch your endpoint security to help you avoid costly system failures, damages or security breaches.

Our experienced security team will:

  • Patch the most common third-party applications on a monthly basis (including software from Adobe and Java)
  • Proactively manage antivirus endpoint protection for your servers and workstations
  • Perform real-time audits of your environment to ensure antivirus is installed, updated and reporting from all workstations and servers

Benefits of Endpoint Protection as a Service:

  • The benefit of a centralized security platform that's monitored and managed by our security team
  • Virus, malware, and ransomware alerts sent to Ricoh's security team for quick response
  • Monthly reports that show threat details, number of protected devices and patching specifics

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Email Security as a Service

Block the threats before they get to your inbox


Email threats like phishing, spamming, masquerading and stealing affect your reputation and your bottom line. Get the emails that matter and protection from the ones that don’t.

Our experienced security team will:

  • Proactively manage and filter email anti-spam and antivirus settings
  • Establish, maintain and adjust your company's malware and anti-spam policies
  • Manage whitelists and blacklists
  • Quickly and effectively manage incident resolutions

Benefits of Email Security as a Service:

  • Trusted cloud Email Security
  • Flagging of excessive spam activity, escalation and resolution from our email security team
  • Monthly reports detailing email volume, top spam recipients and blocked spam and malware

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