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User & System Support


On-demand IT that enables your business

With Ricoh's IT Support Services, get end-to-end operational support aligned to your business needs. You can choose to fully outsource your IT department or augment the one you have.

User Support
  • 24/7 service desk

    Anytime support that's just a phone call away.

  • Onsite support tailored to your needs

    Local technicians ready to be where you need them, when you need.

  • Desktop and application support

    We'll keep your systems available and people working.

  • On-going maintenance

    Monitoring and maintenance of critical systems for security and peace of mind.

System Support
  • Infrastructure maintenance

    Software and hardware updates, and optimization of key components for your IT environment.

  • Server administration

    Proactive maintenance and management of server functions such as disk space and backups.

  • Network monitoring and issue resolution

    Monitoring and issue resolution for a number of key network devices.

  • On-demand support

    Access to onsite technicians and a 24/7 service desk.

Get tangible business value from our IT support services:

  • Lower your operational costs and get more financial control with predictable spending
  • Less unplanned downtime with proactive issue resolution.
  • Enhanced security and reduced risk with regular hardware and software updates
  • Scale your services as needed based on growth, goals or strategy
  • Augment your existing IT team when needed